The officers and committee for 2019-20:

Chairman                          Peter Finkel
Vice Chairman                  John Hargis
Treasurer                          Geoff Blundall
Membership Secretary      Wendy Ironmonger

Committee:         Peter Davies        Alison Edwards    Penny Holbrook   William Howard    
                           Sandra Shearer    Carol Turland       Jackie Williams     Linda Yeates

Committee Responsibilities 
Geoff Blundall Treasurer
Peter Davies Newsletter Editor
Alison Edwards Group Co-ordinator
Peter Finkel Chairman
John Hargis Vice Chairman, Publicity and Promotion
Penny Holbrook Refreshments Co-ordinator
William Howard Deputy News Editor, Minutes Secretary
Wendy Ironmonger Membership Secretary
Sandra Shearer Speaker Secretary
Carol Turland Outings Secretary
Jackie Williams News Mailings, Membership Assistant
Linda Yeates New Members


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